Saturday, March 31, 2012


It took some discussion but we decided that with this baby we would find out the gender. Our first ultrasound was a bust as baby was not only crossing his/her legs but kneeling down. we had to go back in to get all the measurements so thats when we found out Lily was getting a little brother! we are so excited and busy decorating his room with all Matts BOY hunting stuff!

Visitors from Iowa!

Lily and Uncle Trey taking a nap.
Uncle Trey and Aunt Sarah for a visit. We had so much fun showing them around and just hanging out.
We took a cruise around Saguaro Lake on the Desert Belle
The youngest group of kids on the boat!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Before and After!

My first before and after EVER!! So excited and I did this almost all by myself (thanks honey!) But you would be surprised, I did a lot of the woodwork, Matt is teaching me so I don't have to bug him so often for my projects.
Anywho, we bought this dresser at goodwill, and I wanted to make it cute. What a difference paint makes right?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Matt and I carved our first pumpkin!!! We had Iowa and Arizona and then our long journy winding all over the pumpkin! It was really fun to carve with Janell and Scott too, who were more... ambitious.
JT devouring the donut at Nanna's Halloween Party.

We all had fun dressing up and going out to Party! Scott is "Rich" from Imagination Movers from the DisneyChanel (HE LOOKS JUST LIKE THE REAL GUY!!! one kid thought it was him and was attached to him the remainder of the trip)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

September 2009

A family from the Branch was getting Sealed in the Nauvoo Temple so we got to drive down! It was so beautiful down there, we had about an hour before the ceremony so we drove beside the Mississippi River for a while and did a quick walk through of Old Nauvoo.

The Lot you see is where my ancestors lived while in Nauvoo.

Cronins. The Lucky family who gets to be together forever!!!

My baby brother got Married on September 11, 2009. We love our newest Sister Blaire as she is the perfect fit for Jaylen. Their reception was a blast and decorated beautifully! I was so glad Matt got to be there, since his fire job this summer didn't allow him to leave an hour away from Draper UT, let alone the state, he wouldn't havebeen able to come, so I am very gratful that he was there.

All my adorable nieces and nephews minus 1. Alyvia was born on September 4th so Rachel and her staid in St. Johns.

This is Phoenix Baker. She LOVED Matt. She was smooching on him all day.

Ah..... Brothers.

We had to say goodbye sooner or later. They zipped off to their honeymoon and we got to stay and play with everyone else for a few more days! Such a good weekend!

Another round of updates!!

This is Matt and my friend from Temple Square, Paige Bremner. She met us at the Iowa state fair in Des Moines on our first weekend back!
So Matt and I moved to Iowa. I know!! It was a shock but it just happened to work out and we really feel like this is where we need to be right now. We left the 18th of August and now live in Elgin Iowa. We kept it quiet because we wanted to surprise Matts family (besides his parents, They knew we were coming) so they took his grandparents and aunt and uncle to TJ's Pizza. We had a plan that I would just walk in and go to the counter and see if any of them recognized me, then when I got our water glasses I walked to their table and Matthew walked in. It was fun to see the look on Grandma Bev's face when she realized it was him!! And it made me feel good that when I walked in Aunt Joyce said "That looks just like Matthews Jenn!" It was a fun surprise and it took a while for everyone to believe us that we moved back and not just visiting!

Meet the newest addition to the Frieden Family. Charles Rutherford Winston the Third. Just Kidding, its just Charlie. He is a Boston Terrier Beagle mix and we got him at 11 weeks. Born on June 28th. He is such a cute puppy, he loves sitting on the drivers lap in the car, he loves his bunny (pictures with Charlie) and loves sleeping! he is a little hyper at times but he is just a puppy. His first Vet appt he wieghed 6.5 pounds. Love him!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can't believe it has been six months since Matt and I got married! He had our Anniversary Day all planned out with fun activities and a restaurant I've been wanting to go to for 4 years (every time we plan to go there something comes up) and of course the eating of our cake! (Usually its one year but our friend that made the cake suggested we eat it before then :) Well The day before, July 15th, Matt got his FIRST FIRE CALL!! It was just a little one outside Deschene (I know I spelled that wrong) UT and so he was gone until July 17th at midnight. So no plans actually happened but we finally got the cake out Sunday and got a few bites into it and Matt got his SECOND FIRE CALL! So he whisked out the door but at least we got to spend the weekend together, which is always a blast, and we got to eat our cake too.

This is my dear sweet husband who can't wait to give me a hug as soon as he gets home from camping for a week! Near fire. and lots of boys... He said he even washed his face before he got home so I wouldn't think a stranger was breaking into the house.

My best friend Amber Hentges moved away to Denver this spring. Do you think that stopped us from watching Harry Potter Opening night at midnight together!? NO!!! She flew out and got in Tuesday afternoon at 3 PM, watched the movie at midnight, ate at Denny's, and dropped her off at the airport at 5:30 for her 7 AM flight (which she thought was 7 PM) We have watched, since number 2 I believe, Every Harry Potter together, and plan to do so in the future. Some people called her crazy, I just call her a good friend!

Saturday July 11th Matt and I got to drive up and see our Mission President Craig Fisher and his wife. The just gt released from the Montana Billings Mission and a group of his assistants all went up for dinner. I love this face!!!

Just sitting out back, enjoying the view and the company.

Melissa, AKA sister Packer, and Cassie, AKA Elder Barnes wifey, Jumpin on the tramp.

Pres. Fisher got his 4-wheeler out and let all us sappy couples take a ride. Isn't my hubby cute?

Earlier that day we went to the Payson Scottish Festival! I discovered this last year and had a blast and I made Matt come with me this year. Something new this year, HAGGIS! (The dog food you see below... it didn't taste bad but was not appetizing to look at) We walked around and saw all the cool Family Crests and booths, and listened to the coolest guys singing. They are called Oceans Apart, partly because one is from Phoenix and the other from Scotland. Then we went on to the highland Games. This is the Sheaf toss (traditionally thrown over the pole while on fire with a pitch fork) This guy ROCKED!

July 5th We drove out to Tooele where Matt's cousin blessed his second baby girl, Madison. Above with parents Denelle and BJ. BJ bore his testimony after and explained how he felt as a new father. He said (I'm paraphrasing, sorry BJ) That he felt like when a father turns his head and hands his keys over to his car to his newly licensed son. He imagined that's how Heavenly Father feels when he sends a new child to us. He trusts us enough to give them to us but then prays real hard we don't wreck it!

Later that evening we went to his two OTHER cousins where they each blessed a baby of their own! I do have cute pictures but am not blog savvy enough to put them in here....